MY app keeps crashing



What do the crash analytics say? Maybe your app doesn’t work on devices with low ram…


please see a screenshot of the crash report

And please note that my app size is only 8MB with only one screen, so how can I fix that?


Best guess, your images are to big. How big are they in pixelsize? width and height.


most of the images 600x600 - I thought it should be like this to be clear, is that wrong?


and buttons almost 250x250 and sometimes bigger


see tip 1 and 2 hre



I deleted all the images, now my app contains only one screen with almost 7 images, almost 25KB size, but it still crash, when I open the app the memory go crazy, please note that the total size of my app is under 400KB
FXcatchernew.aia (348.9 KB)

Please take a look on my app


Show the block of your app. Not many people have the to download and import you aia. They will take a look at your blocks if you post them.


From your latest aia file, looks like you haven’t followed @Taifun’s tip 2, your images are still too big.

Reuse your components, not necessary with so many Web Viewers only one should be enough.

Why use a image as a separator pad.png or any image, resource intensive.

More to read.



Sorry for the title, but its really the truth.
I made a huge size applications here in appybuilder and thunkable platforms, but my apps had lots of crashes and problems, I though the problem because of my work, so I tried to make my applications more simple … at the end I made an applications contains only one webviewer, and the applications still facing lots of crashes and problems.
So please face the truth … (( This Programming Language Is Useless) … with all my respect for all members here .



I havent had any of these problems after i learned how to code in these builders, the question is “are you building your apps the right way”?


Sorry, but I don’t agree with you, when you do the right thing, you never make a mistake. If there is a mistake in the project, we can reduce these problems as soon as possible by specifying this.

Maybe it’s too difficult to solve a problem. But try to solve these problems again in alternative ways.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve had a lot of succes with this programming language :smiley: I use it in allmost every aspect of my life :smiley:
Also i made an app for a hyper market in Portugal… All this without any errors :slight_smile:

My point?
Would this be possible with a “useless” programming language? :wink:

I’m sorry if you had some bad expirances with this programming language, but i’m sure they can be fixed :smiley: I know this community will help you! :smiley:



it looks like you did not follow the recommendations…



Really I respect all your replies, but I am really disappointed, I tried to make my last project as simple as I can, please believe that it has only one webviewer (Nothing Else), I paid lots of money to make a good marketing plan for it … today and after all of that I noticed that my App crashes almost all the time … (Only 1 webviewer and crashes all the time).

If I paid 1/2 what I paid for that project … I think my project will be made through the best Unity programmers and within a few hours.


what about finding out, why it crashes?
use logcat as explained here

are you using images? if yes, what is its width and height?
you said, you are using only one screen, so switching screens seems to be not the issue…


Why External Extensions usually do not compatible with non Samsung devices?

btw. you could have continued in your existing thread…

it does not help to repeat all the tips here, does it?


I see you also complaining in the AppyBuilder community. If AI and its clones are not what you seek then don’t use it. But don’t say it is a useless language because other users including myself don’t have that experience.


If you have paid for that project, you should request for a refund because personally I think coding is so bad in this project.



I played a little bit with your latest aia file, you can try it out and see if it’s crashing…