My app is keep crashing and I can't figure out why


I have tried detaching my blocks and reataching. Making components visible, and invisible, and I cant figure out what is wrong. Whenever I either download and open the app, or test it, the app crashes.
Mylocationapptest.aia (15.2 KB)


follow tip1 and tip2


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You were no help. Me having 1 screen wasn’t the problem. The problem was having 2 google maps components on the same screen.


Hello @matthew_salemi1

Currently there is an issue using both Google Maps on same-screen. I think this is due to Same automatic ID is generated for both google maps are conflicting in background and in a result app crashes. I will ask @amrita to look into it. In them mean time you can use it in different screens.

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@amrita - currently google maps automatic id is which is generated starts with “1” . you may check the logic to see if google maps id =1 exists then generate the new ID starts with >1 for new google maps component. This will resolve the issue.


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Hi @taifun
My App is crashing after 3-4 cycles.
I am not using any image. Also I am using only 1 screen and using vertical arrangements to switch screens. However I have noticed that App is consuming above 100mb RAM and is crashing after few cycles. Can you suggest what can I do?



@Sourav_gope use logcat to find out more about the runtime error