multitasking in thunkable


How to perform some kind of action constantly? in my project, you need to get the current coordinate, compare it with the previously set one, and express the difference. I set everything up in such a way that a mathematical deduction occurs when the coordinate is updated, via the location sensor. the problem is in the speed of data processing, you need to instantly calculate the difference, without resorting to external buttons and toggle switches.
Is there any function in thunkable that will allow me to constantly calculate this variable?


If you have done some blocks so far, it would be helpful if you show a screenshot.

In my Sondel-Buddy App ( tools for metal dectorists and treasure hunter) done with thunkable I implemented a function, that if you leave an area, circle or polygon, an alarm sound starts. So this is possible and works so far, sometimes better, sometimes bader.
But I don’t think that the math operations are the cause of this.
I believe this is more caused by the slow speed and accuracy of the built in location sensor in my phone.
If you search the forum you will find this:
There is also an extension that calculates the distance between 2 points: