Multiplication between listview

Suppose I have 2 listview and I want to multiply the first value of one with the first value of the second list, how to do?

number 1 / number 2
1 2 = 1x2
2 4 = 2x4
3 9 = 3x9
4 10

Help me, which block should I use to do this multiplication?

You posted in ThunkableClassic. Are you using the old version of Thunkable? If you’re using the new version, Thunkable X, here’s how to do this:

Yes, I’m using the old version, I found it easier to use

Ah, okay. Well hopefully someone else can help you out. I’ve never used the Classic version and don’t have access to it.

Alright, thank you very much, I will try to redo what I did in the classic for x, thank you very much !!

Something like this:


This assumes that ListView1 has the same number of elements as ListView2

Hello, thank you very much for your help, I tried to do here, but there is still a problem, is just multiplying the last values ​​I enter, the previous ones are ignored and then only the last multiplied, I will send an image containing the problem.

I inserted the blocks this way.

In the case of the image, it only multiplied the value of 0.778 x 0.903, and the value of 0.000 x 0.778 did not show the result (0).

The blocks that @CBVG suggested will create a list with all of your multiplication products. So when you want to display them, you’ll have to use List blocks to retrieve each value from the list.

Hello mate,
I know very well your feeling of using the old version of Thunkable and you see it so easy to use but I assure you 100% that Thunkable X is easier and more professional and it has been always updating and supporting by Thunkable team.
Just give it a try and you will find out how easy it is. It has more features than the old version.

Guys thank you very much for the help, I managed to do with the blocks you posted.
I will try to start using x thunkable, thanks for everything !!