Multiple screens



i have nearly 20 screens in my app. and my apps is working fine.what problem is there in adding multiple screens?


follow the links in tip 1



@joshua_basumatari you should have received a warning when you were opening your 11th screen:

Check out all the recommended limits for Thunkable apps here:

Here’s an example you can use that uses arrangements rather than screens:

This might help you streamline your app a bit?

Alternatively, with a bit of lateral thinking you can get multiple “pages” into a single screen. In this template there are four pages that all use the single label, which keeps the app size really small:

How many screen allowd in thunkable app?
Getting error "Unfortunately application got stopped"

how i will know that i have crossed the app size limit? my apk file is 3.12 mb and hav 20screens with offline html file

I'm unable to see whole list of pages on beta or

If your app goes over 10MB you will have hit the limit.
We don’t recommend having more than 10-15 screens, because that often makes the app slow down/crash, but there is no actual screen limit (but if your app starts crashing then you’ve passed the limits)