Multiple Languages Service (In Development)

Hello Guys,

I am working on a website where you can make an extension that contains multiple languages for your app. Without coding!

View the current progress:
Thanks @barreeeiroo for the URL

I posts updates in this topic


Brilliant idea Sander! Thank you in advance.

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Its because I need to setup the website first

Update: The website is online :slight_smile:, but doesn’t work (Alpha)

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Amazing Idea. Thank you for works




  • You can now make your account and login.
  • You can add an app, but not add translations yet.

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Tested some time ago. Now works fine :+1:

I’ve created an app but I can’t see it

Could you relogin to your account, I updated some Session vars.

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Now it works :+1:

It is possible to I need to reset the database sometime, so your apps could be gone sometime


  • App system working
  • Translate page in dev


  • Tell me the languages you want in 2 character code

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I’ve made this redirect with my domain as a shorten URL:

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  • Option to add translations, but you cant save them.


  • All created apps are going to be resetted tomorrow.

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Will I need internet connection for extension?

You will need to translate your app on your own, so its all offline storage. So you only need internet to translate your app and then you can use the custom extension offline.

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Which are the supported languages? I need de and ru, by the way. …and a translated app could be retranslated in more than a language offline/online after the first translation?

If you want a language added, just tell me.

I dont understand what you are trying to say. Could you explain it, please.

He means, after translating app to specific language, is it possible to translate again to another language. Also, if yes, is it possible to do that offline.