MoonPhase 2.0 Lunar knowledge of any date and time, plus orbital calculator


First update in under 12 hours. This provides information on the current lunar phase based on the time and date it is requested, OR based on any date in history or in the future. The computation is done on the device, no API’s are called.


Index returns a number of or between 0 and 7.

  • 0 new moon,
  • 1 waxing crescent,
  • 2 first quarter,
  • 3 waxing gibbous,
  • 4 full moon,
  • 5 waning gibbous,
  • 6 last quarter,
  • 7 waning crescent.

Current moon phase gives a percentage of illumination of the lunar surface.

The age of the moon returns how old the moon is in its current lunar cycle.

These next blocks are a little Kepler calculation to tell you what the speed and orbital distance of a planet would be, if you changed the mass of the sun, and changed how long a “year” would be. It returns the Distance, and Velocity of the planet.


Index returns an integer, Phase returns a number with decimal points (technically it could be a negative -99.99 – 0 – 99.99.

Age returns a String with a description.

Here are all three blocks in action with some labels

For the blocks on any custom date, everything is number based. No dashes etc.

For the Orbital Calculator, please ensure the mass of the sun does not exceed 200x. That would collapse the solar system and I like our solar system as it is thank you!

Download .

MoonPhase.aix (21.8 KB)


Thank you!
You did 2 nice extensions.

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Hi great extension :slight_smile:
Can you explain how to calculate the moon location in the sky? Or it is not possible.
I mean azimuth and maby range?