ModBus Extension [Paid]

Hi everyone, I am creating an extension for the modbus communication protocol on tcp.

even at the moment can read records of a slave device






price 30 usd


Certainly everyone is master of doing what he wants, but I find it unfair that on a totally free web-app ,extensions are sold at such a high price.
Mika, I love Thunkable, Juan Antonio, Andres_Cotes and many others have created extensions totally free, to ensure that Thunkable will become a great development platform.
I apologize for my bad English

Hello friend, I show you 2 points view

first if you want an extension that does not exist for a project and you do not have time or skill you must hire a developer that will charge your fees for the time it takes to build that development.

This extension is not focused on common users, not all users have PLC where they can use this extension, it is an extension that lowers the development costs in the prototyping of communications and user interfast for mobile devices.

second point

I think that it is preferable to show the works that I have created for other users to keep them hidden, this helps the dissemination of the platform and economically supports the working time of the extensions that are created for free

If you are a student and you like extensions, I suggest you take some time and try to build

you will always have the possibility to create your own extension there is enough documentation online that tells you how to create it

a goal hug


Andres Cotes

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you must investigate this

I need to connect to a Modbus TCP network, can you help me? Tks