Missing over 1K blocks - Gone in last 24 hours - Need Thunkable Staff Help


I’ve looked for a way to contact support staff and it all is now related to Thunkable X and does me no good.

I last saved my project around 18 hours ago, I sit down to work on it tonight like I have every night for the last 3 weeks. Well tonight I load the project and its missing around 1400 blocks. This wasn’t like a component was deleted on the designer screen, its missing variables & procedures. The UI layout is untouched and the way its missing blocks isn’t like it was from deleting just one or two blocks.

I’ve ran into other odd issues over the last couple of months were files or images would disappear from not just one saved version of the app but from 10+ saved versions. The last time this happened I just so happened to have downloaded the aia right before this happened so I know I wasn’t loosing my mind. Even if it was something I had done it would have only affected ONE version of the app but versions I had not touched in weeks or months were also missing the same data and they did not show recently being used.

So I got in the habit of downloading the aia file every night when I was done working on the app, well last night I forgot to down load it and of course I sit down tonight to find out that around 10 hours of work is now gone.

I have seen similar issues reported on Thunkable X and older posts(6+ months old) on Classic with others reporting similar issues. So my question is who do I need to contact about this? There is no information in classic for any type of support contact and I’d swear there used to be a way to do live chat for support but I’m unable to find that now as well.


yes, this should be done regularly…
I’m sorry, that you lost these blocks…
see also http://twodogapps.com/?page_id=686#BackupWork