Micro Tutorials: Notifier


When you have to grab your users’ attention then you’re probably going to want to use a notifier. In this first video we look at how to create alerts, and choose dialogs (aka a multiple choice pop up) and how to handle the users response with the After Choosing event.

Alerts and Choose Dialogs

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In my opinion this is one of the most useful features of the notifier in Thunkable. You can make a text box appear, get information from the user and then display it in your app.This is ideal for score boards, app personalisation and more!

Using the Text Dialog


If you’ve used any of the Thunkable components that require web connectivity then you’ll already know that it can sometimes take a few seconds for information to get from a server back to your app. With a progress dialog in your Thunkable app you can let your users know that your app is busy and their app will be responsive in just a few seconds.

This video also demonstrates how to use “Enable block” and “Disable block” towards the end of the video as well as how to use the “Do It” function.

Progress Dialog

Radio app.showing buffering while loading

hi thnx for your tutorials. how can i do something like this in the picture?