Metatag per file mp3



Ecco qua, per ora ha soltanto 6 informazioni: Album, Artista, MimeType, Titolo della traccia, Immagine di copertina e Genere.
Prima di usare le funzioni si deve impostare il SetDataSource (esempio /storage/emulated/0/x.mp3)
Aggiungerò nuove funzioni più in là (Versione 1.2)
ps: un grazie a @ILoveThunkable che mi ha dato qualche consiglio :smiley:
com.enaixpeend.metadata.aix (8,4 KB)

How to Retrive the Album Art of a ONLINE STREAMING URL
#iwant Music player Extension with Progress Bar Slider
ATMetadata extensions

Can we fetch an online stream metadata like song name and album image?


il componente ImageAlbum è disponibile.
comunque il file deve essere per forza salvato nella memoria locale


Hi. Can you Please Post an aia File Example.

I got the Run Time data error.


It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.





Please read what enaixpeend said:


Questo è ciò che chiedo al signor. Qual è la procedura? Si prega di inviare qualsiasi file aia per riferimento se si dispone. Grazie.

That is what i am asking sir. What is procedure. Please send any aia file for reference if you have. Thanks.


Please read everything again:

Saved on local storage. Album image is being given only from images stored on your phone. Not streams.



Why did you separated the Metadata1.Path separately. Where should be this block to be used?


quel blocco restituisce il percorso del file mp3

  1. The Screen shots you have provided are not working for me. Help Needed.

It is ok that it will set path. Where i should use the .Metadata.Path

  1. The Sample Screen Shots did not served the Purpose. It is not retriving the Image file.

But i have seen in my sd card that the file is saved as song.mp3

How to get the jpg or png file of the stream.


purtroppo non è possibile ottenere l’immagine album da un file mp3 in un server
dai un’occhiata qua


Ok Brother :frowning:

It would be the best if any one do any extension for this. Thanks


Can this extension get mp3 data from external sd card or only from internal storage?




Is it possible to get current titel from a mp3 stream url (webradio), not the album image? I get RunTime Error…


Isn’t possible