Message from internet to mobile number API.Fast2sms(India)



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This is with another provider

Register here with your mobile number with an otp verification.

SMS facility

  • It provides free SMS from internet to mobile number.
  • It provides rest API that we can use easily as the way2sms example I shown.
  • You can obtain your token from the website easily.
  • Flash sms- sms directly shown infront of screencs_236933
  • When you send message from website it is free and when using API it will cost rs0.15 per message.
  • You can get your own sender Id for
    For default messages sender Id is FSTSMS.

Using the api
This is the link to send bulk sms,7773854335&flash=1

Refer api doc here:
“Get” methods are easy

Download sample aia
fst2sms.aia (106.4 KB)

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hw can get its api


First signup from the link
Two click on send SMS

See that API’s at middle
Click on it then select from SMS API/recharge api

Jerin Jacob


Only for India


bro i just love you thank you from my heart may god bless you i dont have money otherwise i had given you all of it


Iam happy that you tried this method.
Thank you.


bro will you help me i have arequest can you tell me after entering the login details is really it works that ther message is sent to the recipient i have downloaded the apk and aia both an tried als but because currently i dont have my phone so i dont know if it really works


and bro sorry to disturb you but can you help me how to send same message to various contacts like group sms


Yes, reciepient will get message if you entered detials correctly.And if you are using website it is free of cost and if you are using rest api it will cost 0.15rs.


it is because iam makin an application for my school
like when 5-6 students are absent in the class then an the teacher licks the check boxes of those students and an automated sms is sent to their parents with a single click


By seperating mobile numbers with comma(,) you can send message to multiple users.


it means if i use my app to send sms then it will cost me
am i right




Try also way2sms api, its free


bro do you speak hindi


क्या पूछना चाह रहे हो ?


vo thunkable mem naya he.or usko bahuth saara confusions he.


तो आप भी हिंदी जानते हो ?


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Damn its only available in India :frowning: