Menu Bar At Bottom Of Screen


I Was Wondering How I Could Create A Navigation Bar At The Bottom Of My Screen That Just Switches The Page. Thanks

Help With Bottom Menu

You have 2 options.

  1. In Screen1 properties, set ‘Align Vertical’ to ‘Bottom : 3’

  2. Put a label or another arrangement above your horizontal arrangement you are using for your navigation, and set the height to fill parent.


You can just make a main screen using vertical arrangement and set it to fill parent for both width and height. Then under that vertical arrangement, add a horizontal arrangement and add a navigation bar with buttons at the bottom of the screen.

In my case, I work with the whole app on Screen1, but I use multiple vertical arrangements to make sub-screens. I make the bottom bar with menus that are visible all the time and make the other vertical arrangments (sub-screens) visible according to the buttons the user clicks at the bottom menu.

Help With Bottom Menu
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