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gracias a ChartMaker de - Kate y Emily!category-topic/mitappinventortest/app-inventor-extensions/qtYWkR8rBxM




Very Useful Extension. keep it up

can we get an extension that can draw Graphs and pie Chart etc?


Here is a link

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@Sander0542 Thank you for the quick response

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And @Sivagiri_Visakan has reviewed this extension on the Thunkable Extensions Directory too:

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i have bookmarked your website for references. it is useful. keep it up bro


Muy útil la extensión :+1:

Gran trabajo otra vez :clap:

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@Andres_Cotes btw. the file extension already offers some blocks, which offer this functionality… :wink:

Return a list of available storage directories.

Return available size of given storage directory in Bytes.
To get the value in KB, divide by 1024. To get the value in MB, divide by another 1024. To get the value in GB, divide by another 1024.

Minimum API Level for this method is API Level 9 (Android 2.3)

Example Use



Is it possible to use these extensions to get a specified file size?

you might want to use the file extension and its Length method




Why the getTotalExternal method gives me the same value that getTotalInternal method? and the same for getAvailableExternal with getAvailableInternal

I think that because you have the memory of the cell phone full and you have an internal and external memory of equal size

Hi Andrés,

I have removed apps and clean my cell phone and you extention continue gives me the same values to internal and external methods. Try to do a small example where you get TotalInternalMemory, TotalExternalMemory, AvailableInternalMemory and AvailableExternalMemory. You can see that the numbers will be the same

Perhaps the problem could be that my phone hasn’t external memory and you extention shows the same information of internal memory

Thanks Andres

Sir, why do external methods get the same values as internal ones?