Max screens number


How many the max screens number that I can create? what is the best?


See the recommendation from Staff


my app had 4 screens and it was ok, but now when i add other two and make it six, it force close suddenly when i open and close screens.
by the way, i do the right way of open and closs screens


Do you have any high resolution images or clock component that keeps running without any actions ?


All my clock are not running. And my app is size is about 4MB.


I have HD pics but my app size is 4 MB


Just try to replace/remove that HD pic and test with 4+ screens. See if that force closes again?


it will not force close if it 4 screens, but i do need to other screens and make them 6 screens.


i think i will join my screens to reduce the number of screens. what do you think of making two screens in one screen by set visible and invisible?


That is always recommended. It depends on the developer’s interest. But as suggested by Thunkable-Staff you can still run app with more screens there is a warning at 11th screen. It would be nice if you can troubleshoot the rootcause which was causing app to foreclose.


Thank you so much! I will join my screens with visible and invisible.


see tip 1 and 2 here