Material Drawer by Kus Zab Update (16/02/2018)

This is Paid Extension, If you want free use Sidebar Navigation by Andres Cotes
Price 10USD

Feature :

  • Swipe handle
  • Toggle Header Profile
  • Badge
  • Separator
  • Custom Font or Font Icon
  • And More

Update (16/02/2018)

  • Add Error color handler @Mr_Blackd Suggest
  • add Ripple Effect
  • add custom size icon @Chris Suggest

Update (22/12/2017)

  • Fix Loosing data when screen Orientation changed
    Just add this block

Update (10/01/2018)

  • Enable/Disable Docking header runtime => @Mr_Blackd Suggest
  • add selected Effect

Take a look right here



P.S You Must upload the font Icon to make it work


Finally. This is the industry standard! Material
Drawer. Excellent extension

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Thank you

looks fantastic. since you mentioned it, what are the difference with other sidebar ext?

Its not trigered by animation but slide according your finger touch , like standart sidebar or drawer, its has panel and badge


Congratulations very good job, I have 3 questions.
what is the size of the extension.
From what api it works
and if you can click on the part where you drawer show

Felicitaciones muy buen trabajo, tengo 3 preguntas. cuál es el tamaño de la extensión. Apartir de qué api funsiona y si se puede hacer click en la parte donde se muestra la barra lateral

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It still by interrnal componen builder my friend, l didn use any lib , size 32kb, Im sorry hope you dont have bad feeling about me

It’s a problem that nobody had solved and I wanted to know if you succeeded in the next link is the discussion about that. You managed to solve

ok Il check friend

I have the extension added to my app, but I am lost on how to set this up. Anyone have an example aia I could look at so I can get this set up and working?

P.S You Must upload the font Icon to make it work

Please check your pm


Please consider adding a detailed documentation for the blocks…


you should check that when the battery is below 15% the bar is not shown with the touch you must create a show method for that case

I admire the effort and dedication that this extension has

Ok Andres

Do you have an APK to try before buying?

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Nuestra extensión sidebar no tiene ese problema

Is it possible to add a block like this

but instead of .Start to have a .Stop and of course do the exactly oposite job???

I noticed that if I start the Drawer many times the app crashes…
I have tried in Multi-Screen Apps ( WITH proper screen changing so that I leave no open screens and run out of memory ) AND I tried it in 1-Screen-App (that hides and shows arrangements to mimic screens) .

The result is the same, after a few times I Start the Drawer and place the items in it, both apps crash!

Especially the 1-Screen-App is very simple and with little blocks… the most complex is that I change the colors of the Title, Drawer and FABs with another extension and that is why I have to start the drawer again.

Or maybe in the existing block

you can add a routine to stop any other Drawer started before starting a new one???


I will give that solution, I juat cant right know my computer down


I’d test, on the latest buillded apk, it hapen aftet after som many times, it called should be when orientation change, anyway thank for the feedback