Making Torrent app



Hello friends,
I make allot of application through thunkable
But now I try to make TORRENT app.
Can it possible ??
If yes then Any extension available or aia
Plz provide me or comment me
Thank you


I googled for your question and found no answer or hint. I am sure you did that too.
So I believe this isn’t possible. On the other side torrent files are often used to download illegal files, games, movies, music. I hope you don’t plan to build an App for using and downloading illegal stuff;)


While there are some java libraries out there, it is complicated to build an extension on this topic, for very limited benefit.

It would take a fair amount of time, and as you are the first to ask for it, I do not see the demand worth the effort.


Hello friend, yes it is possible to make an app for “Torrent”, we can do this project for you, call us in the email to talk!

[email protected]

I’m waiting for you

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