Making screen more than 10 and capacity more than 10 mb


what if I make more than 10 screen and capacity more than 10 mb exceeds thunkable capacity, is it problematic ??


With this version of Thunkable yes.


Yup Same Question Here


And same answer here!


If you don’t need Thunkable features, you can use the App Inventor server without the 10 MB limit


I had 50 pages will this app work on any platform like thunkable , Makeroid,App inventor ??


see tip 1 here



@Smile @Brar1
You probably don’t need as many screens as you’re currently using.

Try arrangements instead:


thank you everyone has responded my question, i am making an educational application about animals and sound, i was trying with one screen about the screen was solved about the memory capacity which is given thunk it is still unthinkable, i try to switch to appinventor hopefully in accordance with my expectation …

sorry if my writing is less understood I made it with google translate iam from indinesia once again I thank you for all

this is my app illustration image


I want to make like this so this require more than 70 screens . So what should i do .


Hi @Brar1,

Use arrangements.


see tip 1 here