Making a material title bar



try at the Initialize section to set the spinner.selection to this extra “--------”


Useful tips keep it up @Helios


you shouldn’t. App bars in material design are meant to be 56dp in height - you get that by using 56px and set the app to responsive mode. In this particular case you would have to use 46 because of the two other 5px elements used.

Default heights:

Mobile Landscape: 48dp
Mobile Portrait: 56dp
Tablet/Desktop: 64dp

Text should be Roboto-Medium size 22 dp
Icons should be size 24 dp


Great Work !!!


Thanks for this work :wink:

I have try on my app but i have a problem.
When i click on the button menu, it’s open a submenu with “help”, “feedback” “contact”, it’s possible to open “help” in other screen ? Because when i click on 'help" it’s make nothing.



Any idea for my problem ?


how to create this type of action bar