Make a round image from a taken picture



Hello thunkers,
it was asked by myself “How can i make a round image from a taken picture

Thanks to @Ali_Aydin for the video tip and the cloudinary component
Thanks to @barreeeiroo for working on a php script for that :slight_smile: But this example works without it :smile:

Take a look to the blocks:

Here is a screenshot:

This is my own solution to make a round image from a taken picture.

I have added in this example a checkbox called “FaceDetect”.
If you have checked it the result image zooms to your face.

Download the apk or aia and test it by yourself :slight_smile:

Thunkable_Cloudinary.aia (3.5 KB)

Thunkable_Cloudinary.apk (2.2 MB)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is awesome thanks @Mika! Can you put in the video that @Ali_Aydin shared too because it makes it really clear how change the image just by changing the Cloudinary URL. Also, were you able to find a list of those URL parameters anywhere?


Here you will find some informations which codes you can use:

And here is the video:


Amazing :clap: , and sorry because I couldn’t finish the script at 100 per cent

But when I finish the exams, I will make a complete image editor, because I found a free hosting that gives me unlimited resources


I am also happy about small donations from you if you like my work :slight_smile:




@Mika you have used this /w_600,h_600,c_thumb,q_100,f_png,e_make_transparent,r_max,e_saturation:50/
for eye detection i have used this /w_400,h_80,c_thumb,g_adv_eyes/
as very well provided by cloudinary docs for special focus to eyes.
i m not able to get an image in image space provided by you
As you can see in label3 you have provided the space where i can see that where the file has been stored.
At that label i m getting a .gif format image of 0.00B
i don’t know why
could you tell me what could be the possible problem in this?