Looking for substitude of admob can anyone suggest?

always welcome :slight_smile: and its my pleasure too

Yes. But you didn’t add the activity. Without that you won’t actually be able to earn anything. Your extension just shows the ads.

yes bro i can see that. intertitial and rewarded ads.

If it is so than you are going to misguide me only​:thinking::thinking::open_mouth::open_mouth:


I mean from that way i can not earn than it will be not useful for me

Yes it’s useful bro because it works and you can make money with leadbolt ads with this extension

Ok sorry i was little bit confused because of this Comment :blush:

You can create another account with the name of a relative, but not register from the same ip, and never open the account on the computer where they penalized you.

but they can track me from my google playstore account or bank account details ?

If you must receive the money in the name of another person.
In the best case it is to have a new admob account and in the same account as a developer for google play.

that means i need to buy new developer account too :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed:


:frowning: than i need to leave admob

you have to try this

why thunkable does not include amazon banner and interstitial add in monitization or experimental?
where we can put directly api key like admobs!!