Looking for substitude of admob can anyone suggest?

Hello all
is there any substitute or extension available just like admob ? because my admob account is closed by google …if you have any answer regarding this kindly reply :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

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why did your Admob Account got closed?
there are a lot of Monetization platforms like StartApp, Leadbolt, etc. But Admob is just the best.
maybe you can appeal for your Account to be reinstated

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they mentioned invalied activity in reasones even i don’t click on my ad and when i made apeal they also reject my appeal and as per rules i can not make 2nd admob account so don’t have any more chance with admob :frowning: how startapp leaddbolt will work with thunkable ?

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if you are using the Web_browser, Leadbolt and StartApp and other platforms that allows javascript monetization will work but other than that, Admob is the only Solution for now in Thunkable.

Contact the extension developers; some of them have Amazon and leadbolt extensions that might help

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thanks for this very helpful reply …may i know do you have this extension link ? if yes than please provide :slight_smile: that will be more helpful for me …
thanks once again :slight_smile:

check this link out; it might be helpful to you Amazon Interstitial Ad Extension (Paid Extension)

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leadbolt extensions?

I can make you a leadbolt extension for you, send me private message if you want

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i send you message and waiting for reply :slight_smile:

It’s not possible because it needs to add values (such as LeadBolt activity and service) to the manifest which you can’t do with extensions.

Yes i can bro :wink:

You can make it, but it won’t work without adding the LeadBolt activity and service to the manifest which you cannot do with an extension.

i don’t know but he is saying he has this extension and for that i need to pay 20 dollars

in a few hours I show you that if I can don’t worry bro

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:slight_smile: all the best …


its seems nice i will try this thanks alot bro :slight_smile: :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Leadbolt Ads with my extension bro :wink:


wow …congratulation :slight_smile:

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Thanks you

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