Looking for any tips for setting up a chat room in my app

Hi everyone,

I’ve been watching some tutorials on firebase but I’m just looking for some tips and advice before I start setting up a chat room. I mainly just want to add a chat room as an extra section to my app, the app itself isn’t focused on the chat room but I’d like users to be able to chat over a couple of different chat room topics. All I really want to save is chat room name, usernames, messages and timestamps (no authentication).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Would this be best to do with firebase?
If so, would I use the “realtime database”?
Or are there other better options for what I want to do?
Are there any negatives (in terms of Google Play rules) to having a chat room in your app - i.e. as users could interact with each other?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Hi. Take a look on my Chat app.