Looking for a list of available extensions


I am creating a list with all appinventor extensions on my website and I want to know if I missed a extension. My questions is

Sander Jochems

Link to my website: https://www.sanderjochems.com/appinventor/extensions


you might want to copy my extensions directory from here https://puravidaapps.com/extensions.php
(which is probably the most complete list of available extensions ;-))


The Extension Directory also has a complete list.


My SystemAlertWindow is missing + I think I have enough ext. to have my own category like Taifun Extensions or Sander Extensions

I have a total of 160 extensions listed. Is that rights or did is forget one?

It doesn’t get updated for every new extension, we update the list with groups of extensions.

You can either add/change your extensions yourself via pull request or wait until I do it in the next update.

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By my understandment, that doesn’t mean you have a “complete list of extensions”.

Thats a great list @Sander0542
I have create a link on my blog to your site :slight_smile:

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