A quick share to you guys, Logs extension.



  • AfterLog event - occurs after using Log method.
  • IsLoggable method - used for returning true/false statement depending if tag is loggable.
  • Log method - used for logging
  • Level property (getter) - used for getting level.
  • Level property (setter) - used for setting level


0 (or any other number from 6) - Assert level
1 - Debug level
2 - Error level
3 - Info level
4 - Verbose level
5 - Warn (known as Warning) level


AfterLog event will be able to read all logs (not only made from this extension) in your app.


@Taifun I do know, there is Notifier component. But this extension brings more functionality. :wink:


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Extension: Logs.aix (5.5 KB)

Happy Thunking!


Why dont you include the level chooser inside the purple log block, then we dont need many blocks to log a few words

Because, someone just needs to always use specific level logs.


Why dont you add a second block with a custom level?

I will everything for now like this.

Other great Extension! Thanks @ILoveThunkable

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yes exactly

the users will decide, if this is a useless extension or not (you probably will see it in the numbers of downloads)

to be able to see the complete log easily would be a great feature…
but as far as I can see, you will need root access to be able to show the complete log…


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As I said, extensions brings more functionality. While with Notifier you can only log info, error & warning level logs, with this extension, you can also log verbose, debug & assert level logs. Plus, there is additional method like IsLoggable. You can also choose to use custom tag.

No, as I said

It will only be able to read your app logs. It would work like a crash reporting service.

This extension is useless until the read logs option in coming, then we can do some stuff we couldn’t do before. Also a option to read all logs from every app would be great for rooted devices

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