Login to classic - not allowed?

I have searched the forum and did the steps to enable cookies, but I cannot login to the classic
thunkable app. I want to be able to upload projects from AppInventor but cannot do that in x.thunkable.com.

I am teaching an App Development course using this tool and it is very discouraging for students to not be able to upload the projects from App Inventor or to have all the blocks they had available in AppInventor in Thunkable.

Please help!

Classic uses a different URL than X: http://app.thunkable.com/

From there, you will be able to load aia files made using App Inventor.

Thanks. I was on that site but am unable to login to my account. So I can upload the aia but I can’t test it or save it to my account. Is there a way to login to classic?

Hi @ann.rootqvd, welcome to the community :wave:

Do you see any error message while trying to log in?
What browser are you using?

Thunkable X has received several major updates over the summer and the feature set between the two platforms is, I would say, pretty close to parity. We might not be 100% of the way there yet, but I would love to know a little more about your course requirements and will try to recommend alternatives or work-arounds where possible.


Thanks for your reply.

I am using thunkable on Chrome.

I’ll number my issues to make it clearer.

  1. When on the new interface x.thunkable.com, I cannot find the area in which to upload .aia projects to my account.

  2. On x.thunkable, I also don’t see the Bluetooth Client and Server components. I have a student who is pretty excited to try to do a Bluetooth project.

  3. On the classic view, I see all the components and am able to upload my aia project, however I can’t login.

    If I go to login, it brings me to x.thunkable where I can’t access my uploaded project.

Any suggestions?

That captions says “Sign into Thunkable X”.

You do not need to sign into Classic if you see components, your projects and can load aia files, you already are there.

So how about testing the Apps? Is it not possible to test them on iOS devices from the classic mode?
If that is the case, can you move a project from classic into x.thunkable.com?

Thanks much. I’m trying to get a class of students up and running and testing Apps on iOS. We were using AppInventor but iOS support does not look forthcoming so we have moved to thunkable. I’m trying to learn the tool and lead the class.


Classic is Android only.

And no, you cannot move an app from Classic to X (or vice versa). They are incompatible.
Thunkable Classic is a clone/offshoot/derivative of App Inventor, with the same restriction as far as target environment is concerned.

iOS support is hard to get because it is claimed Apple is not very cooperative.
If App Inventor would manage to target iOS, you can be sure that withing weeks, Thunkable Classic would also (as well as AppyBuilder and Kodular, which ALSO are clone/offshoot/derivative of App Inventor, essentially compatible among themselves).

In other words, the lack of iOS support in App Inventor applies to Thunkable Classic, Kodular and AppyBuilder. We all are in the same boat.