Login and Password - data base


Hi can i do an app that you need to fullfill an login and password to acess some contents?

The site is www.novovista.com.br
I want when acess the app the person need to write the login and password connectin to the www.novovista.com.br data base


I don’t quite understand, but I think THIS may help?

If not, could you maybe try and explain a bit better?



I tried to use your example but it didn’t work.
It was not doing automatic
Here is the link: http://www.novovista.com.br/
Here is the view source with the names E-mail and password to fullfill autonmatic:

name=“RLegAMxNVusgDLS5tYwRlgde$lYedeJ5ne6Ciiw%3D%3D” class=“form-control input-standard” tabindex=“1” placeholder=“E-mail” /> - input name=“GacZZIiutnolMkr6RqPtXIMOhMo%3D$lYedeJ5ne6Ciiw%3D%3D” type=“checkbox” value=“1” />
input type=“password” id=“nopassword” value="" style=“display:none;” />
input type=“password” value="" name=“tfHhNggM97OJVeB7845759782gIcqw%3D%3D$lYedeJ5ne6Ciiw%3D%3D” tabindex=“2” readonly onfocus="$(this).removeAttr(‘readonly’);" class=“form-control input-small” placeholder=“Senha” maxlength=“10”/>


If I understood correctly, @metron05, you have to use a TinyDB to store the username and use it as fullfilling automatically.
Another way is to use a PHP script which is in your server to do the checks with your login and password and give back the result to your app. That’s the way I use, but I don’t use fullfilling method.


Of course you can. But, you can do using two different components:

#1. TinyDB

As @Kleyber_Derick sais, you can use TinyDB component to store those data:

But I will recommend to you to encrypt them:

#2. Web Component and Online Database

For me, this would be the best option because you will have a better control of your users, and you will add more security to your app:

- You can use Google Login

- Or you can use your own database with GET and POST requests to PHP files that interact with the database and store values.
Maybe this will be useful for that:


That’s what I was talking about! The option #2 Great, @barreeeiroo


I understand I can use a TinyDB or Google Login.
The issue is we already have a Data Base that has the Login and Password we need to use.

For example: If you acesse this site: www.novovista.com.br you will see that asks for a Login and Passord to acess the data base and see all the information.

Example 2: If my login was: Metron and password: Test how can i acess


What type of login method does the site use? If it’s HTTP based or JavaScript, then it’s easily possible, for others I can’t say.


You can use Firebase or TinyDB.
I personally allways use Firebase :slight_smile:


I have same issue… I want to make an app with user name and password. And i want that it connect with other website user name and password… Mean to say that when any one insert user name in my app user name box it must be insert in website user name in background… Please help