[LOCKED]I wonder. Some things, progress


  • OneSignal/GCM developing %Progress

  • Thunkable For iOS developing %Progress

and i want change package name easily. & Tabbed Theme(With Swipe/I know Templates for easier app development!


Am sure the option to change package name will be ready As soon as Thunkable is ready to go Premium so keep your cool/Patience and make your Cash ready.

it took a while to establish Thunkable for Android and as you can see there is even more to still be accomplished on the android platform. my point is we can not expect the ios version to be wholey complete within some few months. it would surely have to go through the Project developmental phases (Test and Run, user feedback etc.)

Just exercise more patience and do what you can with the Android Platform. Lets also Encourage the Extension Developers in Kind and in Cash to keep Pushing the Limits to the Next level. “Together We Can. Yes We Can !”

Happy Thunking. Look forward to see what you Build