Location sensor problem, cant get lat and long


why my lat and long always 0,0 ? any solution?

at first, it work and it throwlat and long, but after that, it shows nothing but 0,0

Did you Solved this problem if yes then Please help me also, I have the same issue

make sure to enable GPS
and go outside to have a good signal… inside a bulding there might be no GPS signal…

It didn’t work, problem remains…
Please help me to solve out this problem.

are you using Thunkable Classic? If so you might want to switch to X since Classic is not going to be continued soon. If you’re using X already then GPS is working differently: https://docs.thunkable.com/location-sensor

Given that X is incompatible with Classic and is missing some components, pushing X instead of mentioning the Kodular/AppyBuilder alternative (which IS compatible with Classic) is counter productive.

How much time did you give yourself with the timer to got the location?
The fact is that the GPS system may takes several seconds before it acquires enough satellites to get a fix. Further, if you are indoors where the signal is attenuated, making the acquisition process a bit more complicated. You may consider looping on the location sensor until they stop being 0,0 (and if it still remains at 0,0 past a realistic delay, have a logic that stops unnecessary processing and issue a warning message that it cannot get a fix, and to try later)

I surely won‘t recommend another app builder in the Thunkable community. Besides that other app builders are only compatible with the basic features that are included by default but they are quite likely not compatible with any component that Thunkable built on top like Google Maps, Admob, etc. So when you have to replace most of your program anyways you should go with an app builder that is future proof - Thunkable X might not be optimal right now and missing several Features but if you‘re serious about creating an app not only for personal use you will want to create it for Android AND iOS. And currently Thunkable is the only one that is capable of doing so!

Best, Chris

I performed a migration test of one of my app, one that is so complex it does not run on the currently defective API 28 compiler. I did it both with AppyBuilder and with Kodular, prior to the merging.
While there were differences in the number of arguments of some blocks, I was able to load the aia file from Classic, and quickly identify the variations in the blocks so that those could be fixed. In both case, I could generate an apk file that loaded on my Android devices, although one had a variation in the canvas size that would require tweaking (but that I did not bother fixing at that time).
For the record, this app is probably a lot larger than what was reported by X developer as leading to extremely sluggish performance in edit (users reported lagging at 400 blocks, this app totals over 7000).
As for alternatives that target iOS, I am presently investigating Flutter/Dart. Granted that this is not a graphical block oriented environment and that code has to be typed in the ‘old’ manner. Also, I am not ready to abandon the hope that App Inventor will manage to release an iOS compatible variant. If they do, AppyBuilder/Kodular would be able to quickly follow suit (and so could Classic, but I doubt at this point that Thunkable would be entertaining this possibility).

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