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I stopped my work on my Wolfram|Alpha extension to work on an annoying problem in Thunkable: Localization is really chaotic when doing it with lots of lists. Therefore I made an extension to make this easier. Simply upload a json file with a specified syntax (which I explain later). Then initialize the component (that actually reads the file’s content). Since version 3 there should be no need to initialize the component! Now you can use the localize method to get the right translation for your tag. A big thanks to @ColinTree to provide the source code of his SysLang extension.

You can download all sources in my GitHub repo
Note that there’s sometimes problems with the file because phones store the files differently. The extension needs some time to read the file’s content, so putting your localize tags in Screen.Initialize will not always work.

The json file must be in the format

        "tag1": "tag1translation",
        "tag2": "tag2translation"
        "tag1": "tag1translation",
        "tag2": "tag2translation"

All language tags should be in ISO 639‑1 format (two letters). You can download my example file here.

Which json format would you like?

  • How it is
  • In array format {“languages”: [“de”, “en”, “fr”], “tag1”: [“German translation”, “English translation”, “French translation”]

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Have fun with this extension and please post all issues with it here.

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2017-08-29: Initial release
2017-08-30: Moved files to GitHub, added poll
2017-09-05: New version has error handling and default language
2017-10-08: v3 solves issue with storage
2018-02-09: v4 fixes bug with wrong error message
2018-05-10: v5 fixes bug “componentDb.getPropertyForType(…) is null”
2018-06-03: v6 introduces new UseLocale function


well, happy that i can help~

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New version has several bug fixes

v3 is out now!

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Thank you, that helped me SO MUCH! :smiley:


If you want to build the json file easy, I have made an ODS (open documents sheet) with columns to fill in.
The translations are put in the first sheet and the text is generated, as the json file, in the second sheet.
Just select that whole sheet (Ctrl-A), copy it (Ctrl-C) and paste it (Ctrl-V) in your favorite editor.
You can download the sheet via: https://ericdemagier.stackstorage.com/s/Xkgps5HSKvj4UM6

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what’s wrong with your website? How can I download this ext.


Great extension!!

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v5 is a bugfix for “componentDb.getPropertyForType(…) is null”, which caused projects not being able to be loaded anymore. I apologize for any problems. See

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With version 6 it is now possible to not only use different texts for different languages, but also for different locales. Just tick the “UseLocale” property in the designer. An example for a locale is “en_US” for the United States

The page doesn’t working