Loading web data with app working in background

Hi, I have an app right now that sends data(post) to a server, the server works on it then sends it back.

The server takes a good deal of time to do the work so I want it so that the app user can go off and do other things while the server works, then get a notification when it’s ready. How should I go about doing this? Originally I wanted to have the app run a background service but now it seems that isn’t possible.

You can have Web (Connectivity) component to send request to the server.

You can use OneSignal (Experimental) component to receive push notifications.

You can get the device ID of the phone (from the OneSignal component) and submit it to the server along with the other data. You’d have then to use OneSignal API from the server side to send a notification back to the device ID (phone) which requested the operation.

What kind of server is that? Let me know if I can provide further assistance.

Thanks for the response! I am using flask/waitress. Am I correct in assuming Onesignal will send the notification and then when the app opens again I will need to load the data from the server? So I should save the data on the server with the device id?

Yes, when the application is opened you can send device id again and basically request results for the operation from the server. The server can look up the results by the device id and return correct results (for that device).