Loading Spinner Example



I was working on an app today, and beacause GIFs don’t work in Thunkable apps, I decided to make my own loading spinner and decided to share it with you guys!

There are step-by-step instructions for you to follow, or you could download the AIA/APK file I have provided.

I’m new to tutorials so excuse me if this isn’t explained very well!

Step 1

Download the spinner image above. (Right-click, save image as…)

Step 2
Insert the spinner image into an Image component where ever you want it.

Step 3
Insert a clock component and set the properties to the ones shown below.

Step 4
The blocks:

That’s It

Hope you liked my tutorial :slight_smile:

AIA File: SpinnerExample.aia (5.9 KB)
APK File: SpinnerExample.apk (2.1 MB)

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Nice tutorial :+1: :relaxed:


WoW, amazing
A great option to create new loading components


This tutorials are since some weeks too on my blog.
If you want than take a look here:

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Thank you! Glad this was useful for you.


This is great - thanks for sharing!!


Nice and useful. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks a lot.

But I have a question…
How can I add this up to another image ?


How the image rotating continuously for minutes together, when you have given the clock delay as 200 ms?


Useful tutorial


Thank you very much !!