Live Testing issues on phone and emulator



What this screen (thunkaple app to Android) asking to scan a qr code or enter a code of 6 characters? Why? Would not it be better to put a login screen and password ??? I can not test my app just because it does not work on my Android phone or an emulator (NOX). It’s the same screen …


Hi @Bia, welcome to the Thunkable community!

It sounds like you are trying use the live testing app?

Here’s a full walk-through to get you started:


I even managed to save the application. The problem is that it does not work. None of the applications I downloaded as a test (other imported models, with no modification) do not work. the thunkable application opens and I can not use it since there is no way to log in to it. The application asks for a qr code … So far I’m thinking of asking to read a barcode, even knowing that there would be the possibility of using an emulator. What can I do if I’ve tried all the possibilities?


And the “Thunkable Live” screen does not appear to me


Are you using Thunkable X @Bia??