Live Count of Active Users of your App [ Solved ] Free AIA



Hello Everyone !!

Today i’m here to share an another idea i.e To know the Live Count of Active Users of your App . In this app when a user opens your app, his/her count will be added to the count list and when he/she closes the app the live count again get refreshed by subtracting the count. Have a look at this Screenshot . . .

Let’s see how it’s done, First of all you need these components

  • Firebase DB (x2) [ Prop. Project Bucket : Online ]
  • Clock (x1)
  • Notifier (x1)

Here is the blocks Screen Shots !!

Adding user Count - Online

Subtracting user count - Offline

Download AIA : Uploading soon !! :grinning:

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How to Count Live Users And Clicks

Hello @cttricks , this is really a nice idea and work. But there is a problem-
If user directly cleans his ram then your app(logic) will not be able to send any data to firebase to remove the inactive user.
And hence there will be always a active user left.
Hope you will find a way. Good Luck :+1:


Ya you are right @sharadranjann ! I’ll think about it. :grinning: thanks man.

But according to this block a new tag will be created each day by any user according to the logic. and you’ll get the live count of the active users of that day only.


So nice. Could you send me the aia, please?


Hey @fabioirmao I have updated the post. Now you can get the AIA file from there. :grinning:


Try and tell if it works for you.
extension used: Telephone extension


Thank you


Hello @Lklk_Lklk First of all i request you to remove that url from your reply !! :grinning:

there are two method for this ;

  1. Uploading Images/Wallpapers manually to firebase DB.
  2. Uploading images /Wallpaper through your App.

So which one ?


Thanks. I just removed. I dont know how to upload wallpaper in firebase db. Can you give me an exampe?


Don’t you think it will increase peak percentage?


hmm yeah , no other choice i guess. Try giving us some ideas :slight_smile:


You can use this code by increasing its time. or I have idea can you pass your aia here.

and another idea is little different


you did write little opposite
correct picture is below.Nice idea it’s super convenient way
without effecting your firebase memory issue,so thumbs up for that.


Ya you are right its a printing mistake. some where like that.


hi @cttricks why im getting this error? i have done all like in your pictures


It’s a very minor mistake there in your blocks. i.e
when Firebase DB 1 . Get Value & when Firebase DB 2 . Get Value
Change the equal sign ( = ) with not equal ( ≠ )
i.e if get Value is not equal ( ≠ ) to blank !!


Hi @cttricks thank you im not getting that error enymore. But why when i open the app online user is 0? When im online have to change in 1 or not? I opened it in two devices it stays allways 0.


Hi @Lklk_Lklk Tihs error was due to an unwritten block !! I have made some change in the blocks section. kindly check the Screenshots provided in the post !! :grinning:


Ok thnx. Later i will see .


thnxxx its working :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: