ListView with multiple columns & a bit more

  • If a list item is a list itself, the ListView should display this as a multi-column row instead of the brackets.
  • The hint text of the ListView’s filter bar should be customizable.
  • It should be possible to activate checkboxes for each ListView row.
  • It should be possible to display images in ListViews.

How can I change text color, text size, font type, or background color of an item on a list view after picking?
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I absolutely support this request! That would be awesome!


I want this too.
That’s things we need.

Hope the Team make this possible.


I also support the request 100%. I need these functions as well.


+1 here. It is a basic and will be a usefull feature .


+1 here too!!! I need to have this in my app!!!


I want these (especially the checkboxes because i want to be able to set up a list with a variable # of items that can each have checkboxes for the user to click and perform the same task to all of them simultaneously, and I don’t think there’s anyway to do that right now)

And a few other options I’d like to see as well:

  1. List view items should have an alignHorizontal parameter so we can center our list, otherwise it looks sloppy when it is multi-line and squished to a smaller width of the screen
  2. the line separating the list items should be customizable (line width, color)


I hope we become a update soon to the suggestions we did. :slight_smile:


my Dynamic Table Layout example is now able to pick a row of a table, which now could be used as workaround until we get a multi column listview component.


Displaying records

my alternative listpicker solution uses jQuery Mobile and offers more possibilities. For example you could use the thumbnail listview as workaround (see screenshot below) until we get a better listview component…



I’d also love this feature!

Additionally, it would be amazing if you could create a custom view, specify what it looks like e.g. image in top half, title in the middle, and text below .etc

Having a range of customization options to go along with it as well, these could include:

  • Rounded corners

  • Horizontal / vertical

  • Shadows

  • Background colours

This list could go on ahahah