Listview & Linking



I m making one app flow chart as below.

Screen 1
Categories ( User click on button, its link to another screen )

Screen 2
I use list view and mention the text links, but I don’t know how to make a clickable link if the user clicks on the link its open a page with text and image.

i want guide in how to link and display another page, this app is based on recipes.


You may use a list picker instead of a list view


Ok, now i select the list picker but one thing i select option for another screen for every single text or how i manage text windows?


Why do you use 2 screens?


I make list picker, after that i add 10 Entries, now i want to if user click on Entry no 1 , it shows Text & image data i am making recipe application, and its my first app


Make a list with your 10 images
Make a list with your 10 texts

After list picking
Set your label text to :
select list item (list : your text list, index : index selection of listpicker)

Set your image to :
select list item (list : your image list, index : index selection of listpicker)

Learn more :

It’s with checkboxes but it is the same for each component


Are you using a database for the recipes? Or are your plan to add everything inside app, every text and pictures and force your users of the app to update/download the app everytime a new recipe is being added?


You could use this approach for your recipes:


I am new in-app development I am planning to add all text & pictures in application because I don’t have experience in database.


Very Very Thankful to you, for the guidance.


I would really consider learning database. Then you can add new recipes to app without having to force new updates/downloads to your users of the app. PM me if you need help :+1:


@Choofa Thanks For Guide & Support :slight_smile:


Is there anyone have the block example for thunkable x ? Im still new to this :frowning:


Hi @EdenRossa, if you have a question about Thunkable X can you please post it in #thunkable-cross?