Listpicker not visible


Why don’t I see the listpicker object in the list of objects the user interface?


Hey @massimiliano_comunal,

Do you mean the selection variable or property?

If possible, please send a screenshot of the block you are referring to.



Yes of course, I meant here among the available objects not ce listpicker:



Your screenshot is from the X thunkable, not the Classic thunkable.
The components differ.


And where do I find the classic thunkable?



In the X version there is no listpicker?


There are many components that do not yet have an equivalent in X, indeed.
But several that can be adjusted to be a close enough representation.


Ah here and for the listpicker which is the equivalent?


The listviewer, probably, plus a button.

The button click makes the button itself turn “button visible=false” and the “listviewer visible=true”.
And the “listviewer.item click” event processes the choice, but also makes the “listviewer visible=false” and the “button visible= true”.

It is a bit rough, but it should work.
If the list is to replace the whole screen, then it is a complete arrangement that has to be made invisible, not just the button.