List view with check box


How can i create a list view with check box such as :


That is pretty close to the “spinner” component, in that you have a text on the left and a radio button of sort on the right.
But this is not a tool that covers the whole page as the example you gave.

What is your requirement? DO you want something that will allow selection of one and only one choice?
Or one where you can select several, so would not go away as soon as one entry is picked?

If you want exactly what the example is, you could create a extension and make it exactly the same.
Or you could make your custom selection window in HTML/JavaScript and have if called from a webviewer.

But I do not think you can do this exactly using only the currently available components.


User can select multiple items from that list. Spinner component is not suitable for that case.


If you want to allow multiple selections, you will need a button to return, as clicking on one object is not to be considered sufficient to signal complete selection.
So, this seems you could do something that looks pretty much like what you want by having a bunch of horizontal arrangement inside a vertical arrangement, with EACH horizontal arrangement having a Label component and a CheckBox. You may need to have those Label inside a nested horizontal arrangement that is wider that the Label with the ‘Align Horizontal’ set to left to force justification in a neat order.
The problem is that you will need as many rows pre-defined as the maximum number of options you could possibly have, with the unused ones set to visible=false. And you would need to have as many check box events logic block as well.

Won’t be as slick as the one in the example, but that could be good enough.


When i have 100 sets of data for the implementation, then ur suggestion is very static and time consuming. I am looking something like Where the process will be more dynamic.


Perhaps, but that is Makeroid which is pretty much “X thunkable”.
X does have capabilities that “Classic thunkable” doesn’t (while Classic has some components not yet available in X).

If you are developing in Classic because of capabilities that you need and that do not exist in X, then you are stuck with the components of Classic. Which means you probably would have to do it in a very static and time consuming manner. This is like playing basketball where you are not allowed to touch the ball with your feet, as opposed to soccer where you are expected to touch it only with the feet. Different rules.