List view sort by date


Good morning guys. In one of my projects the User can insert data in a list and these are displayed via a ‘list view’. This data is associated with a date that the user can set as desired with a ‘date_picker’ (eg ‘gen 15, 2019 birthday mom’) and I would like the ‘list_view’ to display the individual data strings by date order (eg Jan. 15, 2019 text; Jan 12 2019 text; dec 31 2018 text; etc …). The App is a kind of reminder and I would like at the beginning of the list to see the reminder with the most ‘distant’ date, then those with the nearest date. Do you know if it is possible to do something like this?


while storing an item in the list, you might want to store it in the corresponding position, which means, later there will be no need to sort the list, because it is already in the correct order
you might want to use the insert list item block for this, see also