List view components

Any one can help me for list view component.
Any one is here

The way this usually works is that you post a question, provide details (usually screenshots are best!), and then later someone reads your post and offers advice.

Dear friends,
Use google Map component .
I want this
When I write any text and then press search button…
So, show this location on the map.
Plz help me

How can I prepared this code
Can u help me plz…
I do nothing in coding side

Thanks for posting this request @vikashrana8991509rj7 :open_hands:

I would recommend starting with the steps I line out here, @vikashrana8991509rj7.

Coding seems difficult, however, Thunkable has made it possible for anyone to do. Please consider following my recommendations and soon you will be helping others here and answering your own questions! Please read through some tutorials/watch video tutorials and try them out. Then, once you have put in some code, return to the forum with a screenshot and more clear explanation of what you would want the text entered to return.

Also, when seeking help, please include as much information as possible as this will allow the community to answer you more quickly and accurately. [i reread your original request]

It looks like you are trying to
enter text in the text box,
on button click -> map should show location entered

I need must this coding plz

The problem with your request, in my opinion, is that I’m pretty sure what you are asking for is in tutorials that have been published already.

I wonder if you have attempted to add blocks together at all? If not, again, I implore you to first check out the tutorials and come back after you have at least tried something that’s not working or a much more clear example so you could be provided a much more clear answer.

looking into this a littebit for you. I think you would need to use this Geocoding API which means learning to deal with JSON objects and the webAPI component plus getting an API key from google. This means dealing with both sending data and decoding the response. Then from there, you will get a list of locations with lat/long coordinates. you wiill need to pick an address. get the corresponding info from that. pass that info to the map component. and then let the map do it’s work!

@actech has an example here i think

Thanks sir
But sir I need it only thunkable classic

Ur coding is thunkable x
I need this coding only thunkable classic