Limit App Usage (Stay Focused App)

Is it possible to make an app that limits the usage of other apps? For instance, lets say I select a set of apps and add them to a blacklist in my app, and press start. The apps that are blacklisted wouldn’t open for a user specified time limit.

The concept is something similar to the productivity and stay focused apps. But is it possible to make one using Thunkable?


I do not believe Android ever gives application control authority over OTHER apps.
In Thunkable or any other environment. If that possibility existed on a global scale, then computer pirates could take control of your device, preventing everything from running unless you pay a ransom in bitcoin…

That said, there is a way to do this (somewhat) but the other apps (those that are defeated) need to be designed to cooperate.

What you could do is have each other app check for the status of a variable in a web database (that variable set by the control app) that specifies if it is allowed to run now. It is not that the control app prevents other from running, is that all the other are designed to check for permission.
In a matter of speaking, you need to create a suite.

Ah Ohkay! Makes sense. But there no way to run this offline locally on the device right :frowning:

Different applications have a different area for their own memory. However, they potentially can access any files outside of the reserved area.

One way you could possibly do this then would be for app#1 to write to a file located somewhere specific in your device (i.e. full path defined) with app#2 reading that file and taking instructions.
That also means both apps have to be configured to access the same file, which is going to be visible and accessible to all apps.