Leader Board using Firebase for sale ( For gaming and other apps ) Leaderboard Scoreboard



Hey guys ,

Today im here with the Leader Board aia file. If anyone wants to create a leaderboard page in their gaming app or any other app then they can use this aia file to integrate leaderboard of player with highest score.

Some features of the .aia file / app :

  1. Developers can add any number of users in the leader board list . ( Manually)
  2. The leaderboard list updates in fractions of seconds as it is powered by firebase.
  3. Leaderboard is automatically updated whenever high score is submitted by the player.
    and many much more …

Price : paypal $ 10 or Paytm Rs. 300

Paypal link : https://www.paypal.me/hiteshkyadav
or can Paytm me : 8744958220

Sample apk file : http://wweresults.in/WWE/misc/Scoreboard_firebase.apk

Here are some screenshots of the app developed by leaderboard .aia file :slight_smile:


Warmly ,
Hitesh K. Yadav

How can I add a leaderboard in my app/game?
How can I add a leaderboard in my app/game?

haha its not high quality earning app. its high quality admob policies violating app. you ask users to click on ads. better read google admob and play console policies. you accounts can be suspended anytime .


added the sample apk file too :slight_smile:


bro can u please share the block screenshot its really Helpful to me.
if possible



I’m interested.
Can I contact you with e-mail?


[email protected]


Here is the original tutorial for LEADERBOARD

By Pixii Bomb

No need to pay him ! I think its very easy to build one…


this is with fusion table sir. im providing firebase leaderboard. firebase is fastest and simplest to use .
fusion tables is outdated :slight_smile:


Whats the need of speed in loading a leader board.

And I don’t think user gets irritated if leader board loads slow.

It’s okay If you want to make money of your work but, I think your work doesn’t worth 10$ or 300rs.


Fusion table is closed by Google bhai :slight_smile: update yourself.
So only firebase leaderboard system is left.

Anyway if you want to downgrade my work then it’s a different thing.


I don’t to downgrade your work.

You have done an awesome work… but, I’m saying 10 USD is not a reliable price for just modifying the database for the same concept !


My app is totally different from other apps. I made it whole by myself. And you better update your basic knowledge about databases and servers before posting.