Layout encourages accidental clicks - interstitial ads:


Dear all
i am receive this message from admob

Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click AdMob interstitial ads in any way.

Interstitial ads that load unexpectedly while a user is viewing the app’s content.

so i want that how i am set ads for no panisment.
please suggest me.


So, show how you made your app and where you placed them so we can see it.


first i use a 3 second branding screen
after 3 second this screen atomically send on second screen.

on the second screen i put 9 button.
this 9 button link with 9 screen.
like this-
click button 1 - open scrren 3
click button 2 - open scrren 4
click button 3- open scrren 5

here behind SCREEN ice_screenshot_20180426-053602


The problem is, you’re really not supposed to use that in your app… You’re on technically allowed to display ads on the screen, not in another screen 3-5 seconds after someone does something, that will make them click the ad accidentally if they go for the “X” as for example. Be careful and arrange the way you show ads (Hint: Put them at the top of every screen, if you feel that’s what you want; Don’t recommend on every screen but, your account is in your hands :wink:).


Thanks for support.
can you suggest block how i am arrange.


I am asking this regard to admob than he suggest me

A common issue we see is that the ad loads itself shortly after a new page of content has loaded, which is due to mobile carrier latency. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you pre-load the interstitial in advance. To learn more about how to pre-load your interstitial ads, you can follow the AdMob Interstitial Ad developer guidelines for apps developed for Android and iOS.

please tell me what i do.


help me


I am talking about on the designer… This way your app is actually smaller instead of having adds on different screens, you earn the same revenue as you do even if it’s on the next screen.


please suggest me what i do finally.


Just put ads at the bottom or top of all screens, that’s all… You don’t need a redirect.


thankyou for reply
i think you say to me i use only banner ads in every screen top and bottom section.nothing use any industrial ads because my app smaller.


Yes it makes your app smaller, than you can add bigger features later… You won’t be able to do that with big ads that take up every screen.


i have same massege from admob (Layout Encourages Accidental Clicks - admob )

is there any component in thunkable after ad load then show ad