Latest Classic Release 2019-02-15



It’s been another super-busy week at Thunkable HQ. In addition to moving office our incredible team of engineers pushed not 1, not 2 but FOUR updates to the Classic platform. These have been very important updates as they affect some of your favourite components such as AdMob, Push Notifications and Permissions.

:bookmark: Release Notes

If you’re new to the community, just to let you know you can always check in on the latest updates here:

:rocket: Live Companion Update

The latest version of the Live companion is now 4.01, don’t forget to update yours!

:bug: Activity Starter Bugfix

We fixed a bug that was causing issues for some creators who were using the activity starter in their app

:rocket: AdMob Update

We’ve updated Classic to the latest AdMob SDK which means that creators should now be consistently seeing banners and interstitials in their apps. Thank you to all the amazing community members who helped out here with surveys and testing over the past few weeks.

Gentle Reminder: You should have no more that one banner ad per page and a maximum of one interstitial ad per app

:rocket: Android 8.0 (Oreo) Update

Updating to Android API 26 (Thanks to our friends at MIT) means that all your apps will reach the minimum requirement for publishing in the Play Store. This update may result in some minor visual changes to your design, so make sure you test before publishing

:rocket: Push Notifications Update

Updating to Google Play Services v16 means improvements to Maps, Location Services and Push Notifications.

:rocket: SMS and Call Log Permissions Update

To allow you to comply with the latest set of permissions requirements from Google, we’ve updated the way the Texting and Phone_Call components work. Using the Make PhoneCall and the Send Message blocks will open your users default apps for this, keeping you in compliance with the new regulations.


:bug: Titlebar Color Bugfix

Fixed a minor bug affecting users who changed the color property of their Titlebar.

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Thanks for the one-on-one continues updates.

I experiencing following error while using latest thunkable companion v4.01.

  1. Getting oneSignal, clock component run time errors. Please check screenshots attached herewith. Facing oneSignal run time error in existing as well as new projects. Whereas in case of clock component error, its only occurring while testing existing project.

  1. Error after final apk build. WebViewer not loading. Facing this error in one of my existing project.


Can you share or PM me your aia file so we can take a closer look @Madan_Mathod ?


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Sent you the aia via PM. Please have a check.


this has affected the performance of Actionbar extension… by @Andres_Cotes
title text is not displaying any more… at least on the free version.

maybe attention by the developer is needed on this :wink:

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I get the same errors since some days with Thunkable Classic + Push_Notification: it says “Error from Thunkable Live Attempt to invoke virtual method …” like your screenshot!

It used to work properly before, and I hope it gets fixed, because push notifications are an important part in many apps.


Hi @Michael_Rogulla,

Sorry to hear you are having issues testing your app. Can your go ahead and PM me your .aia file and some instructions on how to reproduce this error and I’ll get back to you ASAP.




Thanks for the recent update dated 24th Feb 2019. All the above issues resolved.


Hi, I have some problems since the new release while compile some projects.

It’s possible this is about this release??
It shows warnings from server… Can you help me??


Hey @Crisboy1990, sorry to hear this.

Can you be a little more specific about the type of errors you are seeing??




Thank you so much for giving us this useful platform. I’ve never coded anything in my life and thanks to you I created my first app.

I also would like to point theres some kind of issue with the make phone call and send message blocks. I always get the following error:

Could you see if you can fix it?



Thanks for flagging this @Bro_C, I’ll take a look and get back to you.


Hello @Domhnall ,I have problem same @Bro_C (call and message block), do you have solutions for ours ?. Thanks you✌🏿