Label add-on Extension Update (02/09/2017)


Comparto extensión para añadir funcionalidades a los componente Labels

  • sombra

  • scroll

  • selección del texto

  • hint y color hint

Border or Margin for Label or Layout
I want advance lebal

ur master in Extension Development


Great! Color blocks!


so i can set the hint color of a textbox?




yes i read, but label has hint??


si, usted puede configurar un texto cuando no hay texto


Excellent extension. I like the shadow effect! I also like that you finally used the default color system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you can, it would be a good addition to to specify the scroll speed.


how do i download this extension, i can not see the link to download. tell me where I can download thanks


The above link directs you to Andres cotes website ,when you scroll down you’ll find another link ,now when you click that link it shows a file in your google drive then,you have to right click on it and select download option to download the extension.


grazie mille


hello there is a tutorial to see how it works I can not get it running. thank you all


how shoould i download this extension ? am confused


kindly help me to download this extension


Look at the page:


sir this is what am getting after opening . no link to download

i even liked using FB


Then all what you can do is wait for a answer of @Andres_Cotes


can u mail me the extension


Can umail me the extension please if uhave it


link is ok