Json response to Listpicker


please help me
The following data
I want to parse it and throw it to the listpicker.

JSON: http://www.namazvaktim.net/json/ulkeler.json

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Hi @wweewe,

Have a look at the thread and see if it helps you:
Extract information from json



You can convert your json text to a LISP list using the following block available in the web component.

Then set the elements of the listpicker to the output.


I can not assign the elements in the array to the listpicker


This json response:



In your Got Text event you should set listPicker.elements and not elements from string.

Then, after picking, you should use listPicker1.sele tion


thanks you…
((name istanbul) (url istanbul)) Come in the form of.

arnavutkoy …

I want it to be like. how can I do it.


You could use the select list item block.

Or you could try something like this:

Or perhaps something like this would work for you?


I have followed all of the examples cited here to the T but no luck. Please see screenshots from my app that is doing a place search for hotels in a city in Nigeria. Every desired result is returning null event though the JSON result from Google is successful. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

API:: https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/nearbysearch/json?location=6.44158,%203.417977&radius=500&type=lodging&key=my_api_key

This is the design I am looking to create in my app:


Good day partners. I noticed folks may have given up on my request for help; probably because my program logic is not understood.
In order to get the help I I need, I thought I owe everyone the logic flow of my app as it pertains the hotel lookup segments. So below is the flow:

  • I populated a list picker (before picking) with city name, lat and lng values that are stored in a global list variable (citygeocodes).
  • After picking list event selects the corresponding lat and lng values for the city picked. I have verified this to be working via a notifier display of picked values. See image below.
  • A call to a getHotelInfo procedure is then made with these values.
  • that routine then calls the WebFetchHotels web communicator with a url constructed for web search
  • WebFetchHotel.Got text routine then follows. This is where the responseContent is analyzed for desired segments of data by calling other procedures with appropriate start and end tags. Based on a test of expected response, I defined the tags as shown. For instance, for rating score, my start tag is “rating”: and end tag is ,\n. Please see sample response data below to verify if I am correct in specifying the tags. I have also tried not including the new line character (\n) with no success. Debugging with the notifier call shows the allRatings list variable to be blank which tells me nothing is being extracted and may have problem with the specification of tags. I have verified that response content is being received but not being processed as desired. Why, that is the question and my frustration.
    Here’s a sample of the JSON results (1 out of 50 findings) that was returned when I entered the constructed search url string in the webrowser:

“html_attributions” : [],
“next_page_token” : “CvQB7wAAAOA3S8ZFahnQnsulYEvZoc1gzZpcKZA4E0oxOY_kqUraXl3PW2DVOSP-WjwcZxJ4Y3bTLun8eb-VKjEOwAQZ-QloZixLZPN7KdqGm8O18HNXJ0zGRcupweoeVMNx4Ed07emCxofxT1h473-fRCOrQHGcELDAbl5T6yVBQyIJ2tnpaeTKOwUrr32gHIy3IiS8Pfsdbl2RQ3BUpFH4qfTOCHYaBz7KlzDmaGzsbBrRFBIrVkYdg2_39ozxZnP694STdpSgwD2muBS4ClWAFb32E7697VkKihkID4zzTUuqByEAtKSsq6THAtwWWhUHUKaozxIQLYUkwUiuDojKc_bMGHiKRhoUluOwla3YencKPGzzCR16OiZ_d8s”,
“results” : [
“formatted_address” : “3 & 4, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island101241, Lagos, Nigeria”,
“geometry” : {
“location” : {
“lat” : 6.423083999999999,
“lng” : 3.444413
“viewport” : {
“northeast” : {
“lat” : 6.424432980291501,
“lng” : 3.445761980291502
“southwest” : {
“lat” : 6.421735019708497,
“lng” : 3.443064019708498
“icon” : “https://maps.gstatic.com/mapfiles/place_api/icons/restaurant-71.png”,
“id” : “404fc6a6067d7750e23c41c9a37f004dea50e06d”,
“name” : “Hard Rock Cafe”,
“opening_hours” : {
“open_now” : true,
“weekday_text” : []
“photos” : [
“height” : 608,
“html_attributions” : [
"\u003ca href=“https://maps.google.com/maps/contrib/115220239593189278750/photos”\u003eHard Rock Cafe\u003c/a\u003e"
“photo_reference” : “CmRaAAAADX_xioKlrd_lAxW23W9GNPRlVlXNrvyY4GRvg1Jd0fB04vaGrIPMvEO4qK9V-9K8P7Auwr-Sfk_OwzMG2uMT2TbKKzvs1_ogTifhmjTsnLs_zuZdMI351Jek5PsPrKSGEhAla7x83yJbUMnBXZxZTQXCGhQaKsr3D_h4h8rhpmYV0scI6t0POA”,
“width” : 1080
“place_id” : “ChIJO9roHBT1OxAR_vBWLr5n384”,
“rating” : 4.4,
“reference” : “CmRSAAAA-NaiEmqIujkdA22I5Aw827w8eDQtSt1Jzk3F-YSA4gdP2V32V75iGL1m9cA8y8NPeN8Mkt6jBQ5_v_t1cheMrLiDDufH7rojyps7M7SUBiYB0I6Jlx_Z9fC6qUlCbaxDEhBw460Lp1FVmEhJxqz_UPbVGhQmE2khXdXzaBceAKq1jN-JMH1zFg”,
“types” : [ “cafe”, “restaurant”, “food”, “point_of_interest”, “establishment” ]
“formatted_address” : “Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave, Lagos, Nigeria”,
“geometry” : {
“location” : {
“lat” : 6.436804,
“lng” : 3.414791
“viewport” : {
“northeast” : {
“lat” : 6.437936430291502,
“lng” : 3.416096630291502
“southwest” : {
“lat” : 6.435238469708497,
“lng” : 3.413398669708498

  • Frankly, I don’t know which of the routines may be the culprit, but I suspect the WebFetchHotel.Got text and tagging issues. It is obvious that my app is seeing the JSON response but not being processed correctly. COuld it also be in the ParsePlaceResult and/or GetAllRatings procedures? Thanks for your continued help.