#iwant Music player Extension with Progress Bar Slider



#iwant Music Extension with Progress Bar Slider
where i can seek music.
and it has a image property which can be added to image to show image of image


You want an image which has the image property to show the image of the image? Sounds like a job for the Image component for me


no i want song player in which i can add slider or progress component
when song is run then slider is sliding to current position


when i slide the slider then song is seek to the slider position.

i can add a image component to it which show the image ( song cover )


Use Taifun’s Audio Player Extension to seek the song.
Download from here
And use enaixpeend’s Metatag for .mp3 file Extension for the song cover.
Download from here


Thanks @Alexandru


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


You can use SliderTools

Is a Perfect extensions for a Music Player