Is There Any Limitation to the Amount of Files We Can Upload to Thunkable?



Name’s Andre from Indonesia :grinning:

Trying to make my first app after testing with many tutorials.
Combined with that little experience, I create the app with 23 files (18 images, 3 icons, and 2 fonts) uploaded on the Thunkable server. Total size of all files are 1.45MB.
The .aia file is 1.12 MB

I’m using many best practices and tutorials from Power Thunkers here.
Thanks for this great community!

So my app is just using 1 screen with many HA & VA.
Use only one extension: FAB extension

Already tried to export it as an .apk using QR code.
Then tried it on Asus Google Nexus 7.

All features work.
But just one thing left me wonder…

8 images on my app is not appear at all.

I wonder if there is a limitation of the amount of image files that we can upload to Thunkable?



Hi @andrekhrisna

Maybe you could show us the blocks for how you are trying to show the images in your app?

The only limitation is the 10MB app size which includes assets.


Thanks, @Conor :grinning:

The images which didn’t appear are on NGoriental, NGkambing, NGkuning, NGkikilcabeijo, NGgila, NGpete, and NGteri.
It’s all VA with an image component and a label component on each VA.
The texts are appeared, but the images are disappear.
Even when the component properties are all visible.

Here’s the blocks (1)

And this is another blocks (2):

I only upload the blocks that responsible for showing the VA and the image nested on it.

Any insight, Conor? :smiley:

Or maybe @Taifun? :wink:


I got a workaround on this problem.

The solution is to use .png to replace .jpg image files.

Voila! It works!

Seems like Thunkable loves .png more than .jpg :grinning: