Is there an app that has a type of audio-voice translator that can output audio through an internal microphone in Windows 10, i.e. one that captures internal sounds ?

I welcome you to this community:) from the bottom of my heart I make a very heartfelt request for information-is there an app that can capture sound-the type of voice audio translator that has in the settings so that this sound can be captured by an internal microphone in Windows 10 ? I know that Windows 10 Pro-there was such an option-so that you can disable your external microphone - ie, configure so that the external sound was not captured - only so that the built-in microphone, the internal device worked. At the moment I have Windows 10 Pro - but this is the Tuningowana version - and don’t know if the main settings for the Microphone Settings can be removed or just what I’m tuning in another menu ?