Is it Possible to make an app that can input data in to a webviewer?

Is it possible to make my app input data to search something on a web viewer? I want to use a variable that stores the users zip code to search for a users local air quality. I have a website that does this in the web viewer, but i can’t seem to make the app automatically input the zip code for the user. Is this possible?

Hi @ryguyandkbockt :wave: 1 quick question. I see it’s your first time posting

Are you using classic or THunkable X? If you are on Thunkable X, there is no way to pass data to the webviewer at this time. This would be cool though because not all websites that do useful things, use an API. instead some need a data input of text only and a button press. It seems like if we could pass java script to the webviewer, this could be accomplished.

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Im on Thunkable x. I could use java script?